MacDillan Maps To Label Entire Caribbean Jamaica.

After so many years of tourists and locals alike complaining MacDillan Maps has made the final decision to label the entire Caribbean as Jamaica. The effort was described as the most logical one by D.R.Kixx, the companies mapmaker.

‘ Most of our users were puzzled as to all the other islands on the map. They only know of Jamaica and Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Shaggy. Anytime they meet someone from the region they ask if they from Jamaica. Its your people’s fault, listen to your DJs and announcers, most sound more Jamaican than Portia so who could blame em.’


Social Media Outrage Index At All – Time High!

The social media outrage index has seen itself register unprecedented highs when it broke its old record of 15, 456 in December of 2013. Nelson Mandela’s death last week.

The new high of 23, 245 was reached soon after the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks when #prayforparis and #tearsforparis were trending over Twitter. The Facebook backlash however was swift and immediate and individuals who had no clue what Al- shabab and Garissa meant or who could locate Kenya on a world map began decrying the lack of news coverage of the terrorist attack back in April.

Their ire was undoubtedly well supported as they shared a BBC News report from April. You know when the tragedy occurred. Obviously a photoshopped article as was the mirage of the CNN coverage back then. But what makes this a really legitimate gripe is that in April, these individuals neither tweeted, retweeted or shared any news about the Garissa slaughter but were more concerned about the latest relationship goals or celebrity kerfluffles.

Market experts say they they expect the index to hit close to 30,000 in the upcoming year. a boon for investors

The US Role in Terrorism As Explained To A Five Year Old : Part 1.

I used to be an unabashed supporter of the old US of A. I supported their sports teams, their holidays just about everything. Bill Clinton was my guy, loved that gentleman player for the ages. His banging Monica was so cool in my then naive eyes.

Then after 9/11 and the Iraq War happened and my philosophy on America changed wholeheartedly as I began to educate myself on US foreign policy and how detrimental and hypocritical it was and continues to be. For a country so steeped in the ideas of democracy and free speech yet to be so supportive of countless dictators and their restrictive speech policies and then be surprised over the ramifications of those actions is mind blowing . Now this isnt at all intended to say that 9/11 or any other associated terror events are justified, a people no matter how reckless their government is still innocent of the crimes they commit.

So for the first part of this blog’s focus I’ll take a look at two countries and or organisations that ferment and facilitate terror and how American interference has played a role in its machinations.

  1. Iran : Removes a democratically elected government via the CIA and re-imposes the deposed Shah on the people of Iran. The people suffer under the Shah which cause them to rally behind extreme Islamists who came to power in 1979 and who they now claim are threats.
  2. OBL- Funded Bin Laden and his nascent al- Qaeda before they became the terror group of the century in their battle against the Russian invasion of  Afghanistan in 1979 and then he used the know how and technical  support taught to him against them.

Now all this is not to say we don’t need America or that American policy is the worse evil, but that they have done so much in the name of good that turns out to terrible not by design mind you that we should always query whether what is best for America is best for us.