Prime Minister Refuses to let Good Works to be Shown on Camera!

Sources tell us that during a recent town hall meeting in Desruisseaux the PM was alerted to the presence of an unwanted and uninvited videographer by an erstwhile assistant and using his usual wit and charm asked for him to stop

The videographer rudely refused despite his knowledge that he couldn’t film a politician in a public place or something along those lines according to the Desruisseaux constitution. As news of the incident spread unsavory reasons for the PM’s request have spread, notwithstanding we have arrived at the root of the matter.

The Prime Minister was too humble and was very reluctant to let his good works like increasing the tax threshold on personal income and lowering corporate taxes as well as a hotel in each district from being caught on camera. Imagine thinking he stopped it for nefarious reasons?What next will they think of?


Will Teacher’s Fall Like Dominoes Or Will They Be The Childhood Cheese?

Earlier we learnt that the GNT had acquired the services of the dark lord, Lord Voldemort in order to bewitch and bamboozle the local unions as a magic consultant. His successes with the police and nurses union have been said to have the SLTU seeking the most powerful Dennery and Laborie obeah to counteract his impact.

Tomorrow’ extra -ordinary general meeting will allow us to know whether the obeah worked and teacher’s stand alone like the proverbial cheese or if Mr. Riddle has conjured another $1500 lump sum and 1,1,2% victory into his grasp.

Since When That’s Your Role Pt.2? Allen Vs Andy!


Of late it has become obvious that the Speaker’s of the House of Assembly have become rather mistaken about their roles in managing parliamentarians during parliamentary debate. Why do these men believe they should strive to prevent the house from falling into its all too famiiar disrepute.

First it was Peter Foster who dared tell the Honorable Guy what his role was and now it seems Andy Daniel has overstepped his bounds and deigned to tell the PM how he should act during debates and demanded a withdrawal. As was his right the PM denied the very indiscreet move by the speaker to have him follow Standing Orders and since when that’s your roled him and continued on his merry way.

BALLSY?You decide!

Guy Joseph Investigations Lead to Unmasking of Media Politician?

Well we kinda told y’all that the local media was heading down a fatal road in but it appeared to have fallen on deaf ears. When will the media learn that they can’t ask these probing questions of politicians and trying to get to the bottom of things, the press should stick to reporting roro and gossip.

Guy Joseph Investigations, the local version of Sherlock Holmes, apparently egged on by a local news editor’s indiscreet desire to learn the truth about Pajoah unmasked her as a media politician.His skill set in uncovering her devious and deep cover plan to expose the things politicians want hidden must be applauded. I mean who would have thought that a news editor has any interest in secrets, the audacity of her.Hopefully this time tomorrow we will be back to more roro and gossip on our evening newscasts.

Politician Relishes Local Foot in Mouth Burger Attempts Stutter!

Once again a local politician continues to illustrate why he prizes the local foot in mouth burger than any other local delicacy, more than his blood pudding or his green fig and medium rare steak. Wait you thought chicken back or saltfish?

This food tasting was done in front a packed audience near a relic of economic productivity when the esteemed gentlemen mocked the lack of eloquence in the gentlemen’s tongue despite his own erudite difficulties with lang nou an.

Despite his temporary pleasure, much like a one night stand, he may now grow to despise his foot in mouth burger. Well at least till the next meal.

With Election Fever in the Air,Will We Bend for the Beng or the HMM HMM?

With the excitement in the air over the 3rd year of the UWP clattering of the SLP, leading me to retire my oft said claim that Dr. Anthony was playing chess whilst the others played checkers, something was definitely in the air. And to the joy or dismay of many it wasnt pregnancy but election fever.

The SLP recently triggered the acceleration of the fever with a market steps meeting where Pip was reportedly upstaged once again by a shabine fella.Now today in Soufriere a meeting by the UWP is expected to spread the contagion further than it has ever been since 2016.

With no escaping this fever and the inflated likelihood of outrageous promises, which they lack the testicular fortitude to keep,expected to be amplified from each party’s platforms like a Universal Basic Income, local participation in a legalized marijuana.Who are we kidding?Probably going to get a few more hotels till we cant spit without hitting one.

Our utmost pressing issue with this contagion in full swing, except for how wicked a grind we’re going to get in the next fete, is when we bend down to get busy with these parties is whether we will be bending for the beng or for the hmm hmm? Real feters know one is decidedly sweeter than the other!

Local Media’s Eagerness to Prove Lack Of Bias Surely A Bad Move.


Local news media have taken on a new turn and we need it to stop! This in-depth reporting and investigative journalism and dogged pursuit of answers is really nauseating. Who really cares about corruption and how and why the politicians are lying to us. This cant be good for your ratings can it? Don’t tell us about policy and its implications for us , we need to hear the roro and the saloptatious salaciousness of the gossip instead. That is why we watch, to be entertained. We care little about the true dangers, we’ve seen The Hunger Games and dystopias are no fun!

Take us back to the time when a Prime Minister can lie about giving criminals a chance and being exposed only after a humbling election loss. Bring us back to when 📰 only place murders on the front page as soon as the other party gets in power. We need to revisit a time when we got the varnished truth from The Vanguard and could pick and choose our news sources to suit our base political needs.

The news-media needs to get with the program, I am sure many of us would rather be like the monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil and do no evil and live in our partisan utopia.