Donald Trump To Be Awarded NAACP Image Award

Donald Trump has gone pass the odds of regular politicians and shaped his racist, sexist, farcical and fascist campaign for president into a bonanza. Amidst a swirl of rumors that his ‘campaign’ is an ‘extended reality TV promo’ just like Ben Carson’s is a ‘ book tour’ The Donald revealed that not everyone hates him.

‘ I’m going to get a Lifetime NAACP Image award for showing the world how terrible racism is ! take that Megyn Kelly ! I’m the new Martin, Malcolm ,Gandhi and Aung San Suu Kyi.’

The Donald boasted to a 40,000 capacity crowd in Iowa. No word yet on whether he will be as exuberant for his KKK Person of the Year award later this year.


Obama Loser For Freeing Hostages

‘ Obama is a loser, he could have bombed bombed Iran into oblivion for those sailors who innocently steered themselves into Iranian waters. Diplomacy? bleh what has that ever gotten us? Bomb their motherfucking asses into the stone age. Freeing other hostages? smh nah next time we kill everyone. War is good’

G.O.P response to Obama 

Fashion Magazines Continue To Pretend Black Fashion and Culture Never Existed

Vogue, Elle and Glamour are continuing their eradicate black fashion onslaught. Apparently black fashion trends have only  begun recently and or lack any validity unless adopted by white cultural appropriators.

Unless a white celebrity has done it then it remains unrecognized or undeserving of publicity. Last year was  deemed the year of the booty, because it apparently became fashionable and body positive to embrace a voluptuous figure and I’m like really? You never noticed how sexy curves were before? Oh well when you glorify stick thin models you might be on the late train to curvy town.

Or when you fawn over Kylie Jenner’s braids and full lips as being the height of fashion without discussing how these lips have been made fun of on black people or how black hairstyles like braids , locks and cornrows are restricted in many spaces or that black kids get sent home for these styles because they don’t meet a certain standard of what ‘neat’ is. Or why these hundred/thousand year old styles and attributes weren’t considered sexy or the height of fashion pre adoption by their white counterparts.

It’s so ridiculous next I’ll hear about  how Miley Cyrus pioneered twerking? Damn need to go tell everyone who’s been ‘on the road’ in Saint Lucia, Rio and Trinidad , that what they’ve been doing now has a name. The things you learn!

Yes I should be happy that black fashion is in the spotlight but no, the derogatory terms and attitudes that they used to describe it before or their lack of understanding of the history behind it brings a distaste to my mouth

The US Role in Terrorism As Explained To A Five Year Old : Part 1.

I used to be an unabashed supporter of the old US of A. I supported their sports teams, their holidays just about everything. Bill Clinton was my guy, loved that gentleman player for the ages. His banging Monica was so cool in my then naive eyes.

Then after 9/11 and the Iraq War happened and my philosophy on America changed wholeheartedly as I began to educate myself on US foreign policy and how detrimental and hypocritical it was and continues to be. For a country so steeped in the ideas of democracy and free speech yet to be so supportive of countless dictators and their restrictive speech policies and then be surprised over the ramifications of those actions is mind blowing . Now this isnt at all intended to say that 9/11 or any other associated terror events are justified, a people no matter how reckless their government is still innocent of the crimes they commit.

So for the first part of this blog’s focus I’ll take a look at two countries and or organisations that ferment and facilitate terror and how American interference has played a role in its machinations.

  1. Iran : Removes a democratically elected government via the CIA and re-imposes the deposed Shah on the people of Iran. The people suffer under the Shah which cause them to rally behind extreme Islamists who came to power in 1979 and who they now claim are threats.
  2. OBL- Funded Bin Laden and his nascent al- Qaeda before they became the terror group of the century in their battle against the Russian invasion of  Afghanistan in 1979 and then he used the know how and technical  support taught to him against them.

Now all this is not to say we don’t need America or that American policy is the worse evil, but that they have done so much in the name of good that turns out to terrible not by design mind you that we should always query whether what is best for America is best for us.