WICB To Blame Darren Sammy For Loss

The West Indies Cricket Board have stumbled on a sure money maker in order to defend their catastrophic slump versus Australia. Blame Darren Sammy.

‘ It is despicable that Darren Sammy once again escapes blame. Is he being protected by the powers that be? He scored 0 runs, took zero wickets and yet still he’s being shielded ! What a shame, what a damn shame.’



One thought on “WICB To Blame Darren Sammy For Loss

  1. Tony Wilson

    why do you people in the Caribbean concern yourselves or even be worried about this shower of “no hopers”called the w/I cricket test team,It’s about time that all of them were given the sack together the entire Wicb&forget about playing cricket all together,let them all go &find proper jobs,that would indeed be a turnup for the books,because as far as I know there are incapable of doing anything else&the sad irony of it all is the very thing that they are “supposed to be cable of doing”ie .”playing Test cricket”they are catastrophic& useless.


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