Lonely Widows Service Club To Complete Pilot Project In 2016

One entrepreneurial businessman has latched on to the idea of the new sexual revolution and is expecting his pilot program to  be completed by January 31st of 2016.

‘ I noticed that there were close to a 100 widows in my immediate neighborhood and all appeared to be suffering from a dangerous disease so I made the move to cure.’

The disease? Sexual Withdrawal Syndrome or more commonly known as SWS, has been known to cause mental instability in its sufferers.

‘ I saw it as my God given job to stop the suffering of the widows in my community so a group of friends and I began providing sexual release for them to prevent them from falling prey to illness. Our pilot program started in June and so far we’ve serviced close to 100 widows on a weekly basis.’

The businessman’s hope is for 2016 to go islandwide with his service, as well as to go fully digital  so that widows can reserve dick on demand in order to ensure their lives remain fulfilled in the latter stages.


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