Week Of Rain Forecasted, Climate Change Deemed Over

Climate Change is over and all the worry and gnashing of teeth was for nought, so say local climate skeptics led by the activist group Lapli Ka Tombe ( Rain Will Fall). Their leader Reiney Days has pooh poohed the idea of climate change and chastened the Prime Minister for addressing the Climate Change Conference.

” The PM is a smart man so how he believing them conspiracy about a climate change uh? Today it rain, tomorrow full of sun so how the hell the climate change? Next he will tell us the hurricane season cancel because hurricane will happen anytime? He should go read his bible and know all that impossible . Choops tan , tell him focus on more pressing issues like what kind of salted ham there’ll be on the Super J shelves.”

Days also pointed to weather forecasts that suggested that an entire week of rain was imminent .

‘ See rain the whole week so what climate change was happening done finish already!’


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