Woman’s Sex Toys Named In Divorce Proceedings Say Court!

A woman’s sex toys are at the center of divorce proceedings revealed courtroom insiders. The case of  Grey vs Grey has dominated the local headlines after it was revealed that the two were involved in the illicit sex toy trade after a record number of dildos were seized from their home.

Anastasia and Kirsten Grey, 28 & 32 respectively,of Cap Estate are divorcing after Kirsten accused her of being more in love with her sex toys than with him. The aggrieved Mr Grey has accused his wife of spending close to 3 hours alone with her toys and only 1/2 an hour with him.

” I don’t see her at all . Soon as she gets back from working she jumps into the bedroom locks the doors and gets to work. She claims she feels closer to them than she ever did to me. I feel so sick inside.’

His wife was quick to reply that Mr Grey was a lovely man ‘but his 7′ penis cant last as long as my bullet or rabbit can and they are ready for round two as long as I charge them the night before.’

No news yet on whether Mrs Grey will apply to marry her sex toys insiders have told us.


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