Self-Help Author Reveals Her Marriage Is In Ruins

Self-help author and talk show host Ellen de Harvey revealed to her ” My Life is So Good” audience that her perfect little life was all a farce. The 38 year old self-help guru was tearful as she exposed the fallacy of her once heralded life.

I want to confess to my 13.5m viewers tonight. I have committed the ultimate sin a self-help guru can do and that is be a fraud,(tears streaming down her face). My philosophy was ‘ladies know your worth so he knows yours”. I am so ashamed to reveal that I met my husband not at a church camp but at an orgy where he was the third member of a threesome. And the next time we spoke was a swinger’s convention. My kids barely speak to me, my son is on Flaka , my daughter has chlamydia and I sleep with strange men to numb the pain!”

De Harvey’s  confession to her audience drew close to  20 million viewers for the self-help guru and sent her book “Self-Help: Why My Life Is Better Than Yours And How I Can Help You” skyrocketing to the #1 spot on bestseller lists everywhere.


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