Western Leaders Tell Rest Of The World, It’s Okay For Us To Support Dictators

The 10th annual conference of Dictators and their Friends began in Bern, Switzerland this morning. The conference first held in Aspen, Colorado and chaired by Dubya, Tony Blair and John Howard was viewed as a way to ensure the democratically elected leaders kept powerful dictators in power by all means necessary.

‘ It is imperative that we keep these dictators in Bahrain, Egypt, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in power and suppress their budding democratic movements. These people can’t be trusted with such power , they need slave masters in charge.’

David Cameron to the BBC.

‘ We need these dictators to crush their people into submission and destroy them. So what if we create another ISIS and drones create more terrorists than they kill. Big whoop. We let them have elections , they elect people with values we don’t like and can’t control.’

Barack Obama to the Washington Post.

Protesters outside the meeting, held at bay with tanks and bazookas off course by the Swiss police , were at lost for words.

‘ Just just just ridiculous. They They frown on us for embracing Cuba, but they love dictators who torture and suppress their people worse than Castro. As my grandmother would say ki fock sah.’

Celeste Popo to Al Jazeera.


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