New EC Dollar Part Of Illuminati Plot To Impose New World Order Say Citizens

Our leaders and the ECCB have sold us out to the devil. So say a wide quadrant of the society after the most recent EC dollar (pictured below) left the mint and hit the pockets of consumers.

” It has the horns of Beelzebub on it. They have sacrificed us for their own devices”

” The prime ministers have joined the illuminati. Soon we will hear the goat is a protected animal”

” We cuh trust dem Babylon, they trying to sell out we soul to the devil.’

” get rid of these coins at your home, they have an evil spirit in them.’

‘The citizenry is prone to gullible and ridiculous comments but we all know the Illuminati is real. So be prepared to be implanted with special chips and mind experiments. We are doomed.’


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