Evidence Of Bugs All Over Guy Joseph’s Property .

Former Minister of Communications and current MP for South East Castries Guy Joseph has dished out a scenario so outlandish , so bizarre that it must be true.With a story out of a David Baldacci novel.

The MP for Castries South East recently accused of offering a 3.8m US bribe to a former PM by the current PM has accused the government of spying on his house and vehicles,to gather information on his alleged bribes or lack thereof?

‘ They admitted to me that they had been paid to bug my home and vehicle. Is this 1984?Are we in Soviet Russia ? Do we need an Edward Snowden!?”

Our investigators went into detect mode and were able to do what the local media had failed to. Find evidence of bugs. We ventured onto his property and in his backyard and found beetles, caterpillars, butterflies and their ilk in his garden , as to his vehicle it appeared to be bug free.


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