Close To A Million Souls Harvested During Halloween Says Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson, doomsday herald , crackpot theologian and host of the popular 700 Club released damning evidence about the evils of Halloween on the Monday edition.

According to Robertson his holy visions have revealed to him a staggering number of souls were harvested during the Halloween celebrations. How staggering? Close to a million souls or 988,345 to be exact.

The exact time those 988,345 souls escaped their owners remain unknown.

” All I know is a million souls were harvested by the witches and warlocks of the Coven during the witching hours. So sad so terribly sad. It was heartbreaking to watch!’

Robertson revealed a purchase of his Soul-Finder oil would release them from the clutches of the Coven.

‘Only $19.99 if you call 1-800-723-562. Help save yourself!’


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