Chelsea FC To Face Blackheart Champs Micoud In Clash of Titans

Relegation threatened and soon to be Championship heavyweights Chelsea FC have finally deigned to battle an opponent of their own stature.  Jose Mourinho’s team is expected to fly to Saint Lucia to play a two out of three tournament against the vaunted and feared Blackheart champs Micoud.

The battles set for the BCG are expected to take place November 23, 25 and 27 with Chelsea boss Mourinho eager to take on adequate opposition.

‘ We were tired of the unfair treatment of the English FA! They kept scheduling us against sides we had no business playing like Stoke, Crystal Palace and Liverpool. We needed to play Charlton, Nottingham Forest and Salford City.Teams at our real levels. Thank Mourinho they no longer have to be so demoralized.’

The Micoud team was almost speechless at the news.

‘ OMG Chelsea!!!!!!!!!!! Blackheart v EPL #Blackheart’


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