Suicide By Bacon Soon To Be Leading Cause Of Death

The WHO earlier this week dealt a serious blow to meat lovers when it revealed alarming news that consuming red meat had the same cancer causing chances as cigarette smoke.

This news off course was not welcomed by meat eaters with the baconians especially displeased with the ‘WHO propaganda’ and the ‘hijacking of health policy by radical vegans’.

Bacon Now, Bacon Forever and Stop Vegans Now two pro-bacon organisations had this to say.

” We need to reject this hateful and foodist message coming from the WHO . They are at the mercy of vegetable farmers who have been bankrolling these studies in order to destroy bacon! If bacon is cancer then we will all commit suicide by delicious bacon. No one can stop bacon, bacon is delicious. Stop the bacon hate!!”


One thought on “Suicide By Bacon Soon To Be Leading Cause Of Death

  1. I’m so glad you wrote on this topic, love it!
    Seriously, did people think packaged meat didn’t have tons of chemicals in it?! Everything processed does, and seriously, at this point, we know that practically everything can cause cancer!

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