Body Positive Caribbean Men Awarded Nobel Prize For Leadership

The Nobel Prize Committee has announced a new category of award and in a shocking twist has awarded it to a group numbering in the tens of thousands.

The  Winston Churchill Leadership Nobel Prize was bestowed on the entire male segment of the Caribbean for promoting body positive acceptance of women who:

‘ are not size zero and making the new normal be the reality that it is not what fashion magazines and designers claim it to be.’

This is the fourth Winston Churchill Leadership Nobel Prize ever awarded, the first two awarded to George W Bush for showing restraint in only invading Iraq and Afghanistan. The most recent award was given to a Norwegian man for averting a diplomatic incident after he ended an impasse between wives and mistresses after a 48hr stand off.

A representative of the Caribbean Jah Dreadlocks, PR for Body Positive Rastas, had this to say.

‘ Long time rasta rebel against them Babylonian idea of models. them too skinny. Mi like real women, voluptuous pulchritudinous women with curves like the Grand Prix. Praise to the Nobel for realizing the year of booty. Amen.’


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