National Council Of Churches Rail Against Halloween Events

The National Council of Churches has once again assumed the mantle of defender of morality and the faith denouncing the government’s continued allowance of occult celebrations on the island.

‘ Are they part of it? Why hasn’t the Cabinet seen fit to ban the celebration of Halloween in all shapes and forms. We need to ban the word Halloween before it brainwashes our people and drives them away from our churches. Its all part of the Illuminati plot to take over the world. Its Creole month as well so why are we allowing this’

Bishop The Prophet Simba O Divine Priest of The Faithful Pentecosts.

We spoke to the planners of ‘ The Haunted Pumpkin’ about the attitudes of the National Council of Churches and their spokesman was short and frank.

‘ Pure nonsense. The Illuminati is all a smokescreen to prevent us from seeing the lizard people and aliens that have replaced world leaders. If they want us to celebrate Creole culture we should host a few obeah sessions and invent the garde and bolom too?’


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