Chicago Woman Arrested For Heinous Abuse Of Her Children, She Let Them Play Outside Alone


Chicago PD and Child Protective Services executed a warrant earlier this morning on the residence of Sardi Connolly after neighbors reported her particularly heinous treatment of her 3 children. Jack 13, Sardia 8 and May 6 were taken into protective custody after it was learned that she let them play unsupervised in the enclosed front yard and let them walk the 1/2 a mile to school on their own.

‘It was terrible. They should lock her up and throw away the key. She’s a monster!’

Eva, her next door neighbour.

‘ Quite possibly the most evil woman I know’

Vince, her ex-husband.

‘ People like her shouldn’t be able to have kids’

random woman.

‘It’s Obama’s fault!’

Sheriff department.

The CPS representative held a short interview with the press where she dump a scathing bucket of hot coals on the abusive mother.

‘ I have never seen a mother so neglectful. Letting her children walk alone on those streets to school or playing in the yard alone.She should be given solitary confinement so she can reflect on her disgusting behaviour. She needs a re-education programme if she ever wants these children back.”


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