Politician’s Union To Launch ‘You Can Trust Us’ Ad Campaign Across The Region

People Like You, the newly established politician’s union has announced a $5m US dollar ad campaign aimed at rehabilitating the image of the regional politician. The 14 country ad campaign is hoping to do what basically nothing else has done and repair the sullied reputations of Caricom politicos.

Credence Dollar , the PR man behind the People Like You campaign was effusive with praise.

‘ It’s high time that politicians take the lead and move beyond the unfair labellings of themselves as corrupt, elitist, uncaring , lacking integrity and show them how upstanding and trustworthy we are.”

Dollar also derided the regional media claiming they were the reason behind the major distrust of politicians.

‘The media is to blame . Report on how many bills the politicians paid this week instead of the missing money from the treasury, or their friends buying $60,00 brand new vehicles after suspicious contracts. Trust us and we will trust you.”

No word yet on which local politicians have signed up for the ad campaign.


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