Fashion Magazines Continue To Pretend Black Fashion and Culture Never Existed

Vogue, Elle and Glamour are continuing their eradicate black fashion onslaught. Apparently black fashion trends have only  begun recently and or lack any validity unless adopted by white cultural appropriators.

Unless a white celebrity has done it then it remains unrecognized or undeserving of publicity. Last year was  deemed the year of the booty, because it apparently became fashionable and body positive to embrace a voluptuous figure and I’m like really? You never noticed how sexy curves were before? Oh well when you glorify stick thin models you might be on the late train to curvy town.

Or when you fawn over Kylie Jenner’s braids and full lips as being the height of fashion without discussing how these lips have been made fun of on black people or how black hairstyles like braids , locks and cornrows are restricted in many spaces or that black kids get sent home for these styles because they don’t meet a certain standard of what ‘neat’ is. Or why these hundred/thousand year old styles and attributes weren’t considered sexy or the height of fashion pre adoption by their white counterparts.

It’s so ridiculous next I’ll hear about  how Miley Cyrus pioneered twerking? Damn need to go tell everyone who’s been ‘on the road’ in Saint Lucia, Rio and Trinidad , that what they’ve been doing now has a name. The things you learn!

Yes I should be happy that black fashion is in the spotlight but no, the derogatory terms and attitudes that they used to describe it before or their lack of understanding of the history behind it brings a distaste to my mouth


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