Water Discovered On Mars, Humans Excited At Opportunity To Destroy 2nd Planet

NASA’s discovery of water on Mars has sent a stir around the globe with space enthusiasts almost as excited as the planet destroyers.

Planets Are To Be Abused a exploitation rights group led by an Exxon Oil Exec VP and a Koch brother has lauded this discovery as one of , if not the most, significant discoveries made about our solar system.

‘ Many have made the plea to preserve our planet. Why because it was the only one able to sustain life in our galaxy. NASA’s discovery of water on Mars proves that we have been to limited in our foresight. No longer do we have to worry about our grand-kids. In our haste to preserve our ‘only ‘ planet we have forgotten how to drain it of oil and minerals its wildlife and forests plus its water. Now we have carte blanche to do so. In a hundred years we will be living on Mars.”

The Exxon Oil exec was eager to see what new minerals and gases that Mars possessed that they could readily exploit.

‘ Exploiting Mars should be our main priority. We need to extract all its resources to build settlement ships, exploration vessels for when we eventually destroy Mars, to find another home.”


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