UWP Deny Coup Rumors, Pleads Incompetence As Defense

The opposition UWP was quick to refute the “coup” rumors that have been running rampant throughout the local grapevine ever since the Senate President’s bombshell on his talk-show. Its most gregarious MP, media darling Guy Joseph, held a press conference in his party’s defense, eager to set the record straight.

‘Dem fellas boy they lying. Ah Operation Remove Kenny. De Senate Prez say we conspiring with certain police officers and their superiors to embarrass them out of office. You believe that? The UWP? First off I eh even know what a co is far-less a coup so that eh true. Gassa we cuh hold a town hall or a match without it backfiring in our face and the fellas feel is  ORK we capable of? Awa not us . Maybe is the other UWP but not us.”


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