Men Positively Shocked Women Don’t Care For Their Advances

A Calabash Times poll of local men elicited high levels of shock among the male populace that their female counterparts either didn’t care for or felt threatened by their advances with 85% indicating their bewilderment.

All I telling the ting is I like to see her bum bum and vibe and she getting vex.

Arthur, Mon Repos

So if I tell her I want to have sex with her that bad? Gassa tiya chou la! So many women that eh have no fellas telling them that.

Robert, Marigot.

A lil smile I tell her smile the girl vex and ting. She eh see she loking nicer when she smile.

David, Rodney Bay.

The young lady says she’ll call police for me. All I did was follow her from by fisheries to buy Carmen Rene in my car and she so.

Vincent, Careille.


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