People You Disagree With Are More Likely To Be Dangerous

A recent New Zealand Psychology Research study has revealed that individuals of opposite values and opinions are 50-60% more dangerous than those who hold a similar value.

Dr San-jay Rampakash a lecturer at Wellington University was succinct in his interview with the Wellington Herald about the dangers of associating with individuals who differ from you.

” The dangers of associating with people who believe and value different ideals is astronomical. One can lose close to 5 years of life expectancy if they spend time with people who believe what they don’t. It may cause depression, stress and the most evil of all, changing your opinions. Dangerous.”

Rampakash relayed the anecdote of someone who believed women should be barefoot and pregnant who through interaction with his sister changed his views on them. He died shortly of a heart attack.

“Yes it may have been the fact he was 300 lbs but I guarantee you his change of heart hurried his demise!!!”

There you have it folks. Even more reason not too stay in your hive mind and ignore the outside world.


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