Blood Moon Signaled Start of Witches Conference, Virgin Sacrifice.

The September 27th Super Blood Moon that perched precariously over the island was the launch of the 4th annual Witches Conference scheduled for Bouton and Beausejour. So says one Bishop Headley Crone of The Everlasting Holy Church of Morne Fortune.

” This blood moon was brought on by the witches. They are holding their 4th conference in Saint Lucia. We don’t know why the government continues to allow them to practice their religion. I call for a burning @ the stake of all suspected witches on island! Burn them!! They cause earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes.”

Another commentator was quick to draw links between the blood moon and virgin sacrifice.

During the blood moon they does approach virgins for sex and they just giving it, they can’t say no or they just disappearing. The Warlocks penises being so long they wrapping it like a belt. Thank God I not a virgin.

FB status.

We were able to speak to a member of the Bouton coven who was adamant that the witches were praying for rain and cruise ships to dock rather than any nefarious reasons.

” Witches get a bad rap. Since Salem. pure rubbish. Haven’t they hey heard of good witches.”

Apparently not.


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