Seventh Day Adventists Disappointed Pope Francis Didn’t Impose Sunday Law During Speech

Seventh Adventists worldwide are bitterly disappointed with Pope Francis’ speech to the US Congress, Not for what he said, but for what he didn’t say! Worldwide Adventist missions have been awaiting impatiently the papal visit of The Antichrist to the Great Satan with glee.

Chicago Mission President Sam Flooder was greatly disappointed by the content of the Pope’s speech.

” What nonsense he talked about! No death penalty. No stereotyping of immigrants and respect for the poor among us? Be truthful Pope Frank you came to impose the Sunday Law!!’

“The news media in on the conspiracy! They won’t broadcast it but he said it”

London Mission President Richard Lionheart de Buckingham.

Atlanta mission president Kim Favare however, has a more nefarious idea as to why the Pope visited the US.

” He came over to tell Barack he won’t be The Antichrist anymore and that Putin has gained favour with the Church. All that humility and denouncing capitalism is a front trust me I  know.”


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