Labour and Flambeau Release Stunning Manifestos : 21-0 Sweeps Expected!

The two heavyweights of Saint Lucian politics the SLP & UWP unleashed on an unsuspecting public their election manifestos close to a 15 months before general elections are constitutionally due.

We here at HOP were privileged to gain an insider’s look into the manifesto’s of the two party’s and can confirm that each party will win a 21-0 sweep after voters get a load at all the goodies in store for them.


  • We’re not the UWP!
  • 15% VAT on speech and breathing.
  • We’re not the UWP!
  • This party actually gives a fuck about the poor and marginalized.
  • Trust us, even though our PR sucks and is always reactionary.
  • We will finally do something about our shit filled criminal justice system.


  • Think of all the Taiwanese goodies we have in our bank accounts. We’ll share with you. Honest.
  • We got read of ALL the bad eggs from last time. Who him? and Him? Nah they’re the real victims.
  • No VAT or taxes .
  • Crime? Sheeit Operation Restore Confidence Part Two anyone?
  • Jobs? We will pay your ticket to another OECS /CARICOM state so you can be their problem!

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