Donald Trump Announces KKK Membership, Soars To 50% In Polls

A recent news release from the Donald Trump for President campaign has caused widespread head-shaking and fear to grip the political psyche of the American electorate. Trump, long the Republican front runner, revealed a startling admission that should in a normal year have sunken his presidential bid has seen it rise to astronomical heights!!

The release was shockingly brief and to the point.

“Trump-Nation I have decided that since the Democrats have engaged the racist and anti blacks #blacklivesmatter I must reveal my true self and reveal that I have joined the KKK to bring balance to the force.”

Cries of ‘ racist’, ‘deport yourself’ and ‘ shame shame, did your  hair join the Comb KK’ followed his announcement on the left. However the seemingly batshit Republican party hailed Trump as a ‘ hero of the USA’ ‘USA USA’ and other self masturbatory accolades.

The head of the Republican National Congress Reince Prebus had this too say:

“To all those who say that the KKK and the Republicans don’t belong together I say bullshit! Because of Mr Trump’s bold decision to join the KKK and stand against the racists he has saved the party from defeat. Donald as President for Life!!!’

Reports reaching HOP indicate that Trump has surged to 50% in the latest poll and is expected to have raised close to $380 m in the first 24hrs after his joining the KKK.


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