Trans-geographical Woman Deported From Germany Human Rights Groups Outraged!!

A trans-geographical citizen of Saint Lucia, Anne Diapolis*, is facing deportation from Germany back to her native country after a ruling from an immigration judge. Diapolis, the first openly trans-geographical woman in the Caribbean had been working at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Hospital in Bern for over a year before her  legal status was challenged.

Judge Steinbergher of the 15th District Court handed down his judgement last night calling it the most ‘touching and heart wrenching’ decision of his 12 years on the bench.

“Whilst the state recognizes the rise of trans geographical people and their lifelong feelings of being from a different country than the one they were born into and the challenges associated it there are two barriers to Mrs Diapolis’ continued stay in Germany. Germany has yet to legislate laws to allow trans-geographical people to obtain the passports of the country they  feel they belong to and her home country’s record on trans-geographical people suggest Germans will fail to receive similar treatment. Thus her application is denied.”

His ruling was received with tears by Diapolis and jeers of derision by her supporters outside the courtroom.

” How dare he. I am a Lucian who has always felt that I was born a Tahitian! The Tahiti government welcomed me with open arms. Is Germany unsafe for trans-geographical people?”

Alulolaloki Tatani.

“Trans-geographical rights need to be respected by world governments.  It is a travesty what happened!!’

Duchess Dame Camilla Buckingham, Trans-geographical people of the UK.

The local arm of Trans-geographical International pledged to fight on to preserve the rights of Mrs Diapolis.

*Fake names are being used to protect Mrs Diapolis and her family back home.


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