Kamala To Approach Rowley To Form Unity Government

Kamala Persad – Bissessar is not headed gently into the sweet night. The former Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister and UNC-PP Leader has  brewed a diabolically great idea to take her out of the doldrums of opposition. Sources close to Kamala indicate that she is expected to approach the Rowley led PNM to begin talks for a unity government to lead the country. Proof that the widespread rumors of her having huge balls were based in fact.

House of Pleasure was able to obtain an excerpt of Persad- Bissessar’s letter to Rowley:

Doh be no duppy Rowley, you can make history tonight. U can be bigger than Manning, Williams and all them other fellas. Imagine u turn this 23-19 unsafe majority into a 41-0 whitewash. The people would rename Tobago Rowleybago and build you statues. I know your head hard already, probably full of  shit buh eh let that stop you sah. I eh want much just a little Dep. PM and Foreign Affairs.

Yours Sincerely,

Kamala ‘the Popular vote Winner’ Persad- Bissessar.


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