Pornhub Agrees To Spend Close To $10 Million To Elect Politician

Pornhub returns again. After signing Cap Estate Instagram model Sharquiesha to a $100,000 contract the pornography giant has again signed another lucrative contract. Sources tell us that Pornhub has agreed to sponsor the election of a local politician to the tune of $10 million.

Sharquiesha was our first Saint Lucian acquisition and he is our second.We have made millions from our lucrative investment and hope to make millions more with Mr Doe. Pornhub is always forward looking. A pioneer so to speak.”

Pornhub CEO Djoker.

The politician has yet to be named though sources tell IWN he is either a notorious Careille playboy, or a legal eagle from Anse Sabat. Both are notorious shabines expected to run a Gros Islet seat. Whether or not they are expected to sign performance deals on Pornhub series like ” The Search For Deep Throat” or “Land Down Under” remains to be seen.

The Chamber of Commerce and the TUF released a joint statement praising the company’s ‘dedication and confidence in the local economy.”

However a local Anglican priest Fr Will I. Am was livid.

“Dem man the politician sourcing? They couldna check FIFA? I hate a Pornhub! Gimme a RedTube! Or a YouPorn or even a Brazzers when obituaries playing. Mi nah promote no Babylon.”

Pornhub revealed that they are interested in making the island a major hub for their videos. A much needed boost for our economy.


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