Jamaica Urged To Adopt ‘Bad Man Nah Wash Clothes’ Law

Jamaica is under serious threat. The authorities are being urged to adopt the ‘Bad Man Nah Wash Clothes’ law in order to prevent the wave of ‘gay’ permeating through the region.  The pressure group ‘ Doh Wash My Boy Doh Wash’ has come out strong decrying the Portia Simpson government of promoting the gay lifestyle in Jamaica.

” Dem ah battyman in ah the Parliament. All a dem. Portia promote it . Bad man nah stand for that. Portia need to fix tings inna Jamaica. We cyah have bad man washing their own clothes. Bad man nah suppose to do that. Dah is woman vibe! Next ting u ah hear they ah wash thong and g string and buying p.ad? AWa Fix that before next day we wake up in Jamaica and hear is battyman that ruling and i haffi run like Usain.”

Perry Kartel. Spokesman for ‘ Doh Wash My Boy Doh Wash’

A representative from Portia Simpson’s office was unavailable for comment


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