Are We Becoming A Go Fund Me Education Based Society?

College tuition is going through the roof at escalating rates, wait maybe a better term may be astronomical rates! It is unbelievable how expensive a college degree is. Yes a degree and not an education, education is still relatively cheap with free ebooks , YouTube and the wider world web. Don’t let your college con you into believing otherwise, you’re paying out your nose for the privilege and prestige of saying I went to UWI or Cambridge or NYU. But I digress, because of the costs of college today, where more and more of the grandaunts are leaving their schools with mountains of debt. In fact it made close to a $6,000 US jump from 2014-2015 . See

A terrifying nightmare for parents aiming to send their offspring to school or those of us trying to make it on our own. So what is the alternative? Scholarships? Yes in some cases. But many are limited by not only size but the areas that they are available in and forgive me if I wish that my lawyer, doctor, therapist,dietitian, chef et al are people actually invested in the areas and not seeing it as a cash cow.

The hot new alternative is go fund me, a crown funded initiative where friends , family and even complete strangers can assist  one in achieving their goals. This has become a massive opportunity for those of us who can ill afford to tap into the college experience. And yes it must be embraced by each and every single one of us. The question though remains is  it a plus that we have a tool like go fund me or a knock on the society that its best and brightest have to rely on the generosity of strangers?


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