Tearful Woman Speaks Out In Allen’s Defense

A tearful Bruceville mother has come out swinging to defend the beleaguered leader of the opposition UWP. The woman who wished not to be identified was firm in her defense of the UWP Leader and admonished those who ridiculed him.

” I saw a new side of Allen today. He spoke patois to me, which is why I couldn’t speak for ten of the fifteen minutes.(translated from Creole: Allen you spoke patois and u eh bite your tongue? Boy its a miracle). I waiting to see what he go do for me . I hope I eh no political football, well you know Lucia footballers cuh score goals so I eh too worried.”

When asked what she thought would be an appropriate thing for the younger Chastanet to do to assist her the Bruceville mother replied

” Eh none much, a year free shopping at Super J, a lil room at his hotel for a year and some duty free clothes from all de shops in Baywalk. Buh I eh want him to tell nobody before they try and get di same treatment from him.”


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