Light Skinned Girls Deny That They Are Satan’s Spawn

Light skinned girls have long been the bane of social media with a particularly distasteful rumor running rampant. The rumor? Light skinned girls are the spawn of Satan himself. The evidence lies in their inescapable abilities to curve men and have them feeling like shit. However light skinned unions have began fighting back against what they claim is a unjust and possibly racist stereotype.

” The real problem is black men. They never say anything about dark skinned chicks. What about dark on dark crime? Don’t those matter too? How dare they call us Satan’s spawn. He’s not light skinned enough to be my father.”

Samantha Doubleday, Light Skinned Justice.

” So because we don’t answer texts or messages or say hello its an issue. Yes you should be on your hands and knees hoping I or other light skins take you on. Do you want your kids dark like you? Or with a good complexion.”

Justine Hannah , Cake and Eat It.

Efforts to gain DNA from the light skinned flock to test the claims being made were refused by the women, suggesting they have something to hide.


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