Feelings : A New Illness Sweeping The Globe

Hospitals all over the globe are over capacity and swimming in a sea of patients as a new disease has crippled the world health care system. Called ‘feelings’ the disease was discovered by Dr Adam Eden, a renowned gyalist and  ageless explorer in AD.1 but had remained dormant till now.

“This disease is terrible, it inflicts both sexes and destroys their ability to use their brains. The sexual organs take over and cause severe brain damage. We have men and women doing crazy, stupid things and it causes dramatic work loss production.”

Health Secretary Alvina Burt, USA.

” A cure is needed before the world begins to love each other.”

Charlie Terrible, Press Secretary for ‘ A World Without Feeling.’

Doctors, psychologists and pharmaceutical companies are in a desperate and fast race to stop this unbearable suffering that is causing mass destruction all over the world. Psychics , shamans and even zombie hunters  have been drafted into the effort with suggestions such as silver bullets, garlic and a stake to the heart being suggested to stop the ‘feelings’ afflicted but sadly all have failed.

We must find a cure before this terrible disease wipes us all out!!!


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