Guy Joseph To Sue Donald Trump Over Identity Theft

Guy Joseph a former Minister of Communication in the Saint Lucian government has threatened to sue Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.The charge? Identity theft. Joseph says that Trump is the most blatant thief since Imelda Marcos and her husband robbed The Philippines blind.

”U c da man!!! I suing him till all he have is his hair on top he head. One ting i hate is a tiff and daman is one big tiff. Di man rob me blind he tiff me worse than I hear they tiff di Taiwan morney.”

But why would anyone mistake Guy for The Donald, one is Indian the other is Caucasian, one is wealthy , the other is filthy rich and The Donald has an ugly toupee.

Well the way Guy tells it The Donald is intruding on his turf.

” Gassa before me no politician coulda talk so much nonsense before. I am the top political comedian in de wurl. I coulda open Beausejour and pack it a whole week with the jokes I does give. So how Donald feel he can copy all my jokes and feel he better than me? Boy I get elected twice already. Try un win before u copy di master.”

The Donald was quick with his retorts.

” Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

” Guy need to understand the student is now the master.”


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